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For the last few months, we've been hard at work building the PacaOm platform. Now we're ready to let teachers start setting up courses and get familiar with the platform before the PacaOm official launch. 🎉

Your knowledge is valuable and meaningful

Keep sharing your skills, experience, and expertise that contribute to improving and maintaining the areas of wellness.


Teaching online can open up interesting opportunities

Grow your business
Increase your income
Make more impact
Have more freedom
Be location independent

Together creating a shining vision

Focus your attention on your main gifts and potentials while PacaOm supports you using our gifts to create tools that will help you support others to use and develop their own gifts.

Courses builder & management

Build your courses by uploading your own videos, text, documents, and pictures. With the ability to easily manage your courses.

Personal & course landing page

You will have a beautiful, modern and awesome landing page to highlight your gifts, potentials and each of your courses.

Nurture your community

Connect with your students through our community discussion forums and announcements.

PacaOm's catalog

Your courses will appear on PacaOm's catalog list of all current and upcoming courses that are open for enrollment.

Pricing model

Free membership, no setup, monthly, or hidden fees.

Pay as you go

per course purchase

85% will be payout directly to you

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There are no fees for listing in PacaOm Catalog. We only charge the commission when you get a course purchase via the PacaOm platform which covers the credit card processing fee.

PacaOm profits will be used to

Constantly improve PacaOm Platform.

Online & offline campaigns to bring more traffic and find new customers for you and PacaOm.

Offer helpful support and friendly smiles.

Behind PacaOm

My name is Katherine. I am a Peruvian software developer that has been traveling and working remotely since early 2017.

While traveling I met many wonderful people that inspired me to learn more about myself and increase my wellbeing.

My desire to keep learning about wellness to cultivate a healthy balance in my life, and to inspire others to do the same, inspired me to use my coding skills to create PacaOm.

I am very excited about the present and future of PacaOm. Also, I'm amazed and grateful for how, since I said YES to wellness, the universe has been guiding and connecting me with the right people.

You are invited to join us and together build an amazing and supported community.

PacaOm Founder

- Katherine -

Coming together to create an awesome community

We'd love to have you as a teacher, contribute together and make a positive impact on others.

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