Spring 28-Day Vortex Immersion

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A Journey of Healing, Self-Discovery and Re-Creation, Blooming together

Dearest Aura, Ismene, Isabelle M., Isabelle W. and Giuliano,

Welcome to you all on a dharmic journey for a mindful, healthy, happy transition in this Spring 2020.

We have participants from Florida, Panama, Hawaii, Switzerland, Costa Rica and I will be in Switzerland during the initiation of the course. Together we will tune in a frequency of positive intentions to create a beautiful grid of light within and around us.

It is a blessing to share a whole moon cycle of healing, self-discovery, and re-creation all together. I am also going to join doing my own practice and journaling daily for clear alignments along the way.

The journey begins on Monday 16 of March, at the waning moon cycle.

Here are a few key aspects to begin with for a clear flow along the process:

You can begin to read Mindful Resonance (version francaise: “La Voie de la Resonance”) to understand more about the seven tonalities and five elements. You can also listen to the audio-book: Click here for the audiobook
Please, register on PacaOm: https://pacaom.com
We will give you free access to the online courses:
- “GPS for your Life”
- “Five elements for wellbeing and happiness”

If you are settled in a specific place through most of the journey, you may choose a space where you will balance and activate your vortex daily. If you will be traveling, I recommend you to take a few key items with you along the journey to support the activation of your vortex and intention wherever you are. You will receive more details at our first class.

Prepare your sacred spacebefore your practice, journaling, self-study and classes.
East: Earth element reflection (a rock, a plant or another symbol)
South: Air element (a feather, or another symbol: book, mind related)
West: Fire element (a candle, or another symbol that reflects fire to you, your own way)
North: Water element reflection (glass of water or something else symbolic related to relationships, emotions)

Center: space for you to align within, below, above, and all around

You will learn more how to organize your space and how to integrate the five elements essential oils at the first session.

We will share with you clear instructions on how to map your journey using the journal that is included in your kit. If you haven’t received the journal yet, you can make a copy of this.

We will all drink our Ultimate Green first thing in the morning for physical wellbeing, cleanse, and nutrition
We will have a Zoom Meeting once a week to share clear instructions for the guidance and the meditation practice. Each session will be recorded. If you cannot join one session, you will all have access to it afterwards on a private access youtube video that we will send to everyone.

Follow this link to access the whole schedule that you can print to review along the journey:


All classes are recorded and subject to slight changes so if you cannot make it to all of them you will still have access to recording.

We also organize once a week a one:one meeting for revision, support and evaluation. These meetings are organized independently for the new participants at a time that is convenient for you.

At the completion, you will all fill out an evaluation form and receive an “Attestation of Completion of the Immersion”.

This attestation is also step 1 in the training for those who inspire to complete their certification as VoE Meditation Facilitator in the future.

You may notice that we do the sessions and shifts in the practices in between the cycles of the moon, that way we align before, during, and after each of the transitions.

We will schedule the one:one at times that works best for you for support and integration.

We highly recommend everyone to Not Take Any Drastic decisions during the course of this Immersion. It is a time to shift the frequency and to align, so all can flow and open in a harmonious way, when the right time will be.

Focus on a healthy diet during the whole Immersion, do not drink alcohol neither use any substances in times of the meditation practice.

If you have any questions, contact us by email, or directly by phone whatsapp: +1-786-301-7324

I am looking forward to sharing a Journey of Healing, Self-Discovery, and Connectedness together in this next moon cycle, supporting a harmonious and inspiring transition into the New Year.

Love & Inspiration to all,


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  • 6 Modules
New Moon Cycle, Spring Equinox and creation of your altar
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