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Life is a Journey, not a destination.

Learn the foundation of the Dharmi Method, GPS for your life.

Receive a clear introduction to the three dimensions to map your journey with clarity, mindfulness and Intention:

- your frequency and intention
- your environment and circumstance
- your life cycle

Course Includes:
  • 5 Modules
  • 5 Lessons
  • Discussion Section
  • $144 USD
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What you will learn through this journey?

  • Clarify the steps along your journey.
  • Self Discovery
  • Learn the three dimensions to support balance and mindfulness along your journey: Here - Now - Frequency.
  • Learn about the natural principles and how to use those to awaken your own true nature for an abundant and inspiring life.

Taught by Christelle Chopard

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  • 5 Modules
Your position in reference to your environment, destination, conditionment, relations: HERE.
Integration for a harmonious, happy and mindful life journey.
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