Five Elements for wellbeing and happiness

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A 5 step journey with clear guidance to fill up the gaps and to access a peaceful happy state of being.

A series of 5 classes giving you clear tools to understand the foundation of the five dharmic elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether and how those natural principles support balance along your journey.
Each class includes: description, physical aspect, holistic integration, tools for detox and tools to balance, strengthen the elements.

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What you'll learn

  • Learn about the five elements and how nature's wisdom apply to support balance and wellbeing into your life
  • Discover the inner ecology and channel your energy to create a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn techniques to release stress/toxines and to strengthen your main potentials
  • Self-exploration and development

Taught by Christelle Chopard

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  • 7 Modules
Introduction to the Five Elements for wellbeing and self-development
Ether Element: Spirituality, Connectedness
Earth Element: Foundation, resources..
Water Element: Emotions, relationships..
Fire Element: Compassion, leadership..
Air Element: Mindfulness, direction..
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