Key Elements for Conscious Communication

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Learn how to integrate healthy values in relationships

Whether expressed or not, a single word can have a major impact on our lives!

The philosophy promotes new levels of awareness to support concrete shifts in people’s life.
The dharmic approach in conscious communication considers the integrity of the individuals and highlights communication, for a most holistic path to evolution leading to happy healthy relationships.

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What you'll learn

  • Conscious communication asks us to pause, to relate with clarity and intention!
  • Communication is the bridge that enables you to relate to others. If you choose to reach out to someone, you need to communicate. If someone wants to reach you, they have to communicate.
  • The participants will learn a series of key values in conscious communication, honoring the natural cycle of creativity, which passes through the 5 fundamental energies (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth).
  • Through presence, you can tune into the vibration of the moment and communicate appropriately.
  • Be connected with the sense of expansion and contraction, the constant movement of life’s energy. Apply this awareness in your relationships and communication.
  • Learn the basics of Handwriting Analysis ~ What you write comes from the conscious mind, the way you write comes from the subconscious.

Taught by Christelle Chopard

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  • 5 Modules
Introduction to Conscious Communication
Report, Examples, Completion
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